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Smart PDF Provides Component Information and Easy Off Page Navigation

Schematic capture is more than just a pretty picture, it is the beginning and the foundation for which all other aspects of the design will be based.  That's why we don't cut corners and we start with a solid library.  It's from the library parts that the BOM is generated and the PCB land pattern and attributes are transferred into the net list.  Design rule checking helps to prevent errors and ensure a solid net list.  OrCad's smart PDF creation embeds component information right into the PDF.  Just click on a part and all of the component attributes are displayed.  Click on an off sheet  designator and it will give you the option to navigate to that page.

Sample BOM Generated 100% from Schematic

Attributes Entered Into Schematic Symbol

Schematic Capture

Net-Lister Transfers Selected Attributes Into PCB Design Program