Electronics Engineering Services

Next the net list can be manually entered into the PCB from the schematic.  Each net is highlighted as it is entered into the PCB design until no nets are left.  Once complete, the PCB is connected with just the "rats nest".

Sometimes the data gets lost and you need to recreate Gerber files from PDF's.  If you have a legible schematic, mechanical drawing, routing layer PDF's & BOM,  we can produce a new manufacturing package that you can send to the board shop for fabrication.   Of course, these are the minimum requirements, any additional data helps to ensure accuracy.

Finished Design routing that matches the original in "form, fit, and function"

Original plot with new traces overlaid

Starting with the mechanical information BOM and parts locations, the board outline can be created and all parts placed on the board.  All original PDF's must be straightened, converted, scaled and imported into the PCB design package.

With the parts placed, the net list entered, and the original PDF's imported into the program, it is just a matter of tracing the original patterns.  With the steps of manually entering the net list, and tracing the original routes, it is a "double check" process that helps to reduce the potential for error.

New computer generated Gerber Plot