Electronics Engineering Services

A few words about us

David Baldwin, Founder and President of Via Circuits inc. Graduated from DeVry in 1983 and was an Engineering Technician until 1989 when he began using Pads Work on a DOS Based 286.  He formed Baldwin Technologies Inc. in 1995 specializing in Schematic Capture, PCB Design, and PCB Assembly.  He was the first designer in the state of Arizona to receive his CID Certification on Feb. 02, 1998, and he participated in the creation and beta testing of the CID+ program in which he received his CID+ certification on Oct. 17, 2001.  He has been a continuous member of the IPC Designers Council since 1996.  In 2005 David sold Baldwin Technologies Inc. as a thriving and prosperous corporation and later formed Via Circuits Inc.